Who We Are

At iFixCodes.com we fix & enhance. To be more precise we repair and upgrade your things making them a better version than before. Things? More specifically, coding (software, web and app programming). We have over 20+ years of combined experience in a variety of programming languages, so we know our stuff.

What makes us unique and sets us apart? You mean, aside from our awesomeness. We keep things simple, we focus primarily on fixing & upgrades; you know: debugging, testing, troubleshooting, repairing, tweaking, enhancing and lets not forget improving, yes, that sort of thing. Can we build and create? Sure! But why be a “jack of all trades” when we’re damn good at fixing or making your things better and love doing it.

We take pride in being one of the few industry experts to specialize specifically in fixing and upgrading rather than building software and websites. Our experience has thought us many things that has propelled us ahead of those jack of all trades business’ (you know the one’s), allowing our talented team of professionals to cater to and resolve a wide range of errors, bugs and apply a number of fixes and enhancements, leaving our world wide clientele and online community quite satisfied. So we’ll stick to what we know best; upgrading and fixing things.

Why choose us?

Let’s face it, we’re pretty awesome. Don’t believe us? Each and every customer we’ve ever worked with and will work with in the future, gets our full attention. We never bite off more than we can chew and focus on those clients we are working with until they are satisfied. Only then do we allot our freed up developer & programmers to start on a new project. Some will say we are shooting ourselves in the foot, however we look at it as “putting our valued partners needs before the greed.” ~iFixcodes.com

Still not convinced? Get in contact and we can figure out your needs and a solution together.