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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is Email Re-Validator?
Email Re-validator is a plugin built for WordPress, which adds enhanced email re-validation functionality to the ultimate member plugin.

With the Email Re-validator plugin, site owners and admins can be confident that all user email addresses have been confirmed, verified and are without a doubt validated when a user or member chooses to change or update their email address under their account.

Users will automatically be sign out and must verify and confirm their newly updated email address before they can log back into their account. Enabling you to be sure your members are authentically using real email addresses.

Do I need to know any coding to use this plugin?
No. Be sure ultimate member is installed, configured correctly and running, then simply install Email Re-validator, activate it and you’re ready to go.
Will the plugin break my site?
No. In most cases this will not happen. We have not used any external JavaScript, jQuery or CSS and do our best to only use internal WordPress functions rather than PHP native functions, so all of our code is custom built around the built-in WordPress and the ultimate plugin classes and functions to reduce maximum interruptions.
Does the plugin work with any WordPress theme?
This is a tricky question but simply, Yes. The only major requirement is the Ultimate Member plugin. So if your ultimate member install is already working with your theme or is stated to work with your theme after installation, our plugin should work without a hitch.
Are you endorsed or affiliate with Ultimate Member
No. iFixCodes is currently not affiliated with Ultimate Member. We saw the need for a User Email verification, confirmation & re-validation for Ultimate Member, so we took the initiative to bring you just such a solution; Email Re-validator.
Do you provide support for the Ultimate Member Plugin
No. The Ultimate Member Plugin and all of it’s contents, copyrights, registered trade marks and affilaites are the sole property of and owned by the Ultimate Member Group Ltd.
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